December 2016 PC: DanielleTristaPhotography

December 2016

PC: DanielleTristaPhotography


Living an home educating life and living an entrepreneurial life are both "out of the box" lifestyles. Put them together and you can have chaos or a delightful and exciting life....or a measure of both.

With the launch of this blog, there is an emphasis on two very specific aspects of our family life, entrepreneurship and home education. In administering other blogs, the danger was to get caught up in the pile of ideas to write about. I had no focus.

Our family also lives a life of ministry; not only because we are a mission minded family, but also because in addition to running a small business, my husband, Joe, is the pastor of a small church in rural Illinois.

So, B1000Q will still include some of what may seem unrelated to the main subjects, but all will have to do with the lifestyle that we lead; a lifestyle of home educating and living with a mission minded fashion. And as a Christian, many of my posts will heavily lean on walking out the Christian life.

My goals are to encourage, leave a journaling legacy, and to glorify God in the process. I sure hope that you enjoy your time here.

And, about the name....well, that is basically how I live my life. Between 1000 questions. And if you have a similar lifestyle you know exactly what I mean!